Friday, October 2, 2009


Mexican comic books are a lost world. They tend to be consumed and not collected. Often they are found with pages ripped out, on the bathroom floors of bus stations. What information I’ve found about them is interesting, if spotty. If I had more time (and money) on my hands this is another world I’d be exploring.
La Novela Policiaca No. 1695 has everything, sex, drugs, bloody violence, and a title lifted from Baudelaire.
La Novela Policiaca No. 1535 is a personal favorite that I’ve reread many times. I can’t resist crime amongst the ruins. And the woman who is way too tall for a Maya was ripped off from Boris Vallejo.
The upside-down tequila ad from the back cover of La Novela Policiaca No. 1535. I guess it's only okay to have liquor ads in comics if they're upside-down.
From Kaliman No. 1128. Mexico’s musclebound mystic hero also stars in movies and radio serials. Note the phone number for an Alcohol Anonymous youth group at the bottom of the page.

A warning about AIDS from the inside front cover of Sensacional de Sueños No. 3.
A plea for etiquette while using public transportation from the inside back cover of Sensacional de Sueños No. 3. Who says social responsibility can’t be fun?
Ghosts of a Gulf War past, with a wrestler in charge, from Teniente Botija, El Huracán del Norte No. 152.

These are just a few chips off the tip of this bizarre iceberg. I’m hoping some obsessive collectors have more weirdness filed and catalogued. There were these kids who ran an impressive used comics shop in the town of Palenque, not far from the Mayan ruins of the same name – I wonder what they’re doing now?


  1. The Problem Is Because The Artists Of Those Graphyc Novels Drawing Too Much Exuberant Girls And Some Convenient Positioned CensureAre Considered Porn Or Not True Art...

    Personally I´m A Pervert, And I Seen Many Things What I Liked Specially DID´s Scenes... When I Was Still A Kid My Parents Never Allow Me Buy An Issue Of "Teniente Botija" Because They Check It First And They Seen An Scene With His Friend Tied And Gagged And For That Reason Was Not Good For Me( In Their Opinion ).

    I Know Many Stores In My City With Those Kind Of Comic Books...


  2. Thanks. It great to hear from someone who experienced these comic in their natural habitat!

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