Monday, November 27, 2017


 The futuristic pre-holiday is upon us. Once again, I'm shooting the idea at you that you should buy my books, and books with my stuff in them.

There are even some new 2017 products!

Like Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Literature, Film, and Popular Culture, an important collection of essays and examples of how La Cultura is alive and well in the 21st century. It includes my Chicanonautica Manifesto and some of my drawings. My work gets mentioned by the other authors, and I come off like some kind of chingón.

Then there's Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction and Fantasy. It makes an excellent companion to Altermundos, and features Flying Under the Texas Radar with Paco and Los Freetails--wherein I show how Paco Cohen, Mariachi of Mars, left the Lone Star State for the Red Planet.

And Five to the Future: All New Novelettes of tomorrow and Beyond has Uno! . . . Dos! One-Two! Tres! Cuatro! a wild speculative romp inspired by recent EE.UU. political developments. There's also a story by my wife, the fabulous Emily Devenport.

Also out of 2017, and in the spirit of giving, here's a couple of things that you can read online for free: Lunch in the Ruins, a call to rebellion in The Jewish Mexican Literary Review;
and in Mithila Review, there's Gringos, an excerpt from High Aztech.

While you're in consumer-mode, pre-order my wife's new novel, Medusa Uploaded, and help make it a roaring success, because a rich wife could come in handy.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Chicanonautica did it's own kind of Thanksgiving, over at La Bloga.

Some people dance with guajolotes at weddings:

Some have other ideas of what to do with them:

Yes, grasshopper tacos are a thing, even in Nueva York:

And Tezcatlipoca was evoked again:

Thursday, November 16, 2017


While shuffling through the stuff here at Hacienda Hogan, I ran across the above Brainpan Fallout flyer (I used to do that sort of thing, maybe I will again). It looked pretty good; I decided to include it in an art thing that I'll be announcing soon. I have plenty of copies, but decided to autograph them and scan it.

Once it was scanned, it got the itch to use GIMP to fool around with it, like the way I do with my drawings.

First, I came up with this one. Kinda neon Halloweenie. A little late, but Dead Daze does come every year.

After the black light fantasy, I wanted to do something lighter, so I came up with this one, with lots of white. It's also—quite by accident—red, white, and blue. Nice and patriotic. Just the thing for Fourth of July.

Since I seemed to be heading in that direction, I decided to do one that was full-out psychedelic. Assaults the optic nerve all the way down to the hypothalamus, don't it? Damnear impossible to read, but ain't it pretty?

Who knows, maybe these things will come in handy. There may be folks out there that would like to use them decorate their living spaces, not knowing that these flyers may be part of a conspiracy to jangle their sensoria and warp their world views . . .

Friday, November 10, 2017



Once again, Chicanonautica, over at La Bloga, looks at the works of Luis Senarens.

A Cuban from Brooklyn, he was touted as the American Jules Verne:

And wrote the Frank Reade Jr. books:

Some of his books took place in the Wild West:

And featured unconventional vehicles: