Monday, November 28, 2016


First, let me take this time on Cyber Monday to ask you to consider buying and giving my books during this seasonal consumer orgy. Now, for an important message . . .

Honestly, it was just me, all by myself. I'm extremely proud of the fact that I wrote my first published novel as a solo effort. Just look at all the editions of it. None of them list anybody as the author but me.

But still, it keeps showing up on the interwebs, Cortez on Jupiter, listed as being by Katherine S. Hogan as well as yours truly.

No. Wrong. I am a the sole author of Cortez on Jupiter! I never even met Katherine S. Hogan, much less wrote a book with her. And once someone made the assumption that she was my wife, and said so online, to add to the confusion.

Katherine S. seems to be a nice person. According to her Amazon Author Page she's a former high school teacher, has written three editions of Barron's GED Writing Workbook, and Take the Lead: Make Youth Sports What They Were Meant to Be, and lives in Virginia with her four children. All noble pursuits.

I have never been anywhere near Virginia.

And please don't bother her about this. Chances are it wasn't her fault. Somewhere along the line, somebody put the wrong Hogan down in the wrong space, and now she's listed as my co-author on sleazy little websites that will probably put insidious malware on your computer, just like those ones that offer free PDF ripoffs of my books.

It's best to stay away from that stuff.

And I had thought I had taken care of this years ago, but it keeps popping up, Guess I have to keep on explaining it . . . what a world, what a world . . .

Friday, November 25, 2016


Blame it on television, Chicanonautica is about the Alamo, over at La Bloga.

It's a great Americano myth, from John Wayne:

To Walt Disney:

Good thing Lalo Guerrero did his take on it:

And now it's getting sci-fi on us:

Monday, November 14, 2016


It didn’t take long. BLAM! Here we are, Trumptopia. Folks are grumbling about moving to Canada. There are protests across the country. The bigots are feeling empowered and their hate incidents are too numerous to keep up with. 

The Klan and the Nazis are happy, though. 

Call me old-fashioned, but if the Klan and the Nazis are on one side, put me on the other. Please.

And this is all just the reaction to the election -- just wait until he’s inaugurated . . . And if you thought that the election campaign was off the wall, wait until the batshit craziness of the Trump administration kicks in.

I’m not scared. I’m mad. I’m not running for a safe zone. I’m standing my ground.

Trump is a con man. He tells people what they want to hear, takes the money, and runs. He’s notorious for not paying for things. He’s over a billion dollars in debt. He’s not even a real billionaire. He can attract attention, but he ain’t no leader.

What he never does is deliver.

We’re not going to see a wall at the border. There is not going to be a deportation force taking people away. His dubious allies in Washington can’t agree about how to do things.

Yeah, his fans are running amok. There will be damage. I blame him for that.

He doesn’t have a master plan to install a fascist state in a hurry. What I see coming is chaos. It won’t last long, because it’s unstable as a bomb made by amateurs. It’ll come crashing down, leaving a big, ugly mess. 

I’m reminded of Apocalypse Now. When Brando asks, “Do you find my methods too extreme?” 

And Martin Sheen says, “I don’t see any method at all.”

Then we’ll all have clean it up, as usual.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Deadlines make it weird on Chicanonautica, over at La Bloga.

Because what is utopia to some is dystopia to others:

And vice versa:

So the help of someone – or something – like Victor Theremin is needed:

And who knows what the future will bring?