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Friday, October 15, 2010


Like the cliché goes, "when it rains, it pours." But this case is more like the hailstorm that cracked my windshield and left dents all over my car. So, I'm sputtering out some fast&furious news items, even though I had already planned on letting people know tomorrow about some big diabolical business that I have set to go at midnight . . .

David Lee Summers' Web Journal is featuring my wife Emily, and me telling about our collaboration on "Plan 9 in Outer Space" that you can read in the anthology Space Horrors. Here's a little something to put you in the mood . . .

But, that's not all! We just heard that 2020 Visions, the anthology edited by Rick Novy, that will feature my story, "Radiation is Groovy, Kill the Pigs," and Em's "If the Sun's at Five O'clock, It Must be Yellow Daisies," is available for pre-order! Be the first one in your subculture to get your mind blown!

And while you're in an ordering mood, Emily's ebook (under her Devenport name) The Night Shifters, is available to be purchased and downloaded into your favorite infernal device for your reading pleasure.

As for that thing I'm unleashing at midnight . . . well, you're just going to have to wait . . .

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