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Sunday, October 24, 2010


It's Chicanonautica time again at La Bloga folks! This time I discuss Gumersindo Esquer, the “Mexican Jules Verne” via Tom Miller's Revenge of the Saguaro, compare Aztlán to Mars, and lust after the subterranean world of Esquer's novel Campos del Fuego.

In related news, Mexican science fiction has returned the the theme of underground civilization in the recent resurrection of Santo:

And the caves to the Mayan underworld, Xibalbá may have been found:

Which gives me a chance to explain the spelling of the title character's name in “Doctora Xilbalba's Datura Enema.” It's not a misspelling of Xibalbá, just the sort of alternative spelling I tend to enjoy. It's also the way the Doctora spells it – you writers out there know how characters are. I suspect that she's really Lemurian or something older . . .

And I'm not referencing either the song “Xilbalba” by the Witch Doctors, or the Mexican Black Metal band, Xibalba, or any of the other Xilbalbas or Xibalbas out there!

Back in the real world, yes, there actually is a fantastic, alien world under Chihuahua, Mexico:

I wonder what Jules Verne and Gumersindio Esquer would have though of it?

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