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Monday, September 12, 2011


This time Chicanonautica lets the Latino lit crowd at La Bloga know about "Xuanito," my story in the latest Flurb. I also celebrate my monster movie roots. And here's some Mondo Ernesto extras:

The theme some to the show that introduced me to many a monster:

These days, teenaged girls dream of romantic vampires, but teenaged boys have always been werewolves at heart.

I saw the dubbed versions of some on these on television in my youth. These days I'm inspired by the originals.

The classic Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman has had a barrio remake:

And everybody's favorite Latino monster has popped up in Brazilian production:


  1. I know every time I post here I'm plugging somebody else's book...but sometimes one good monster deserves another. In this case, you might one day take a gander at James Morrow's "Shambling Towards Hiroshima." Because men in rubber suits and giant radioactive lizards need love too.

    Different topic, I don't know if you're familiar with comics master Sergio Aragonés (Mad, Groo, etc.), but his new comic "Sergio Aragonés Funnies" has some really terrific autobiographical episodes.



  2. Keep the plugs coming, Bobby. It gives me and excuse for my own shameless self-promotion. I also like the spread the word, and get news on things like Morrow's story and Aragonés' new comics. That what this whole online thing is all about.