“The book American Gods wishes it was.” --Despina Durand

Friday, October 4, 2013


Awk! October already? And I see Tezcatlipoca has been on the job, throwing the world into chaos. He even dropped in and did a number on my life the other day. What a god! With him around, we'll never have to worry about the human race dying off from mass boredom.

It also means Día de los Muertos is coming. And, if we include Halloween in the three-day Dead Daze fiesta, like I did in my novel Smoking Mirror Blues, it's coming fast, maybe too fast.

Meanwhile, this is the perfect time of year to read (or reread) Smoking Mirror Blues to get ready for both Halloween and los Días!

If you don't already have a copy, you can buy the Kindle edition from Amazon, where they're also offering the original trade paperback at prices from $120.00 to $186.75!

Luckily, the publisher, Wordcraft of Oregon is still offering it for $12. (Scroll about halfway down the page.)

If you have an other-than-Kindle ereader, you can buy it from from Smashwords in a variety of formats, and even read a free sample online!

So get with it. Read about Tezcatlipoca before he pops up in your life for real.


  1. Just got my copy. I'm glad you posted this. Headin' for my chair to read! Thanks!