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Monday, October 14, 2013


Last week, Søren Heinecke informed me that when he tried the links here at Mondo Ernesto to reread Brainpan Fallout – they were dead. LaSilencia.com with its archived material from The Red Dog Journal were gone. How was I going to prove that Brainpan, and all the craziness connected to it, ever happened?

I tried Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, but it was down for repairs!

Luckily, in a few hours it was back, and I found new links that can get you to the original Red Dog Journal version of Brainpan Fallout, complete with all the original typos and mistakes, and the fun, between-the-chapters self-promotional stuff. Get glimpses of my personal life! Find out about the neobohemian scene in Phoenix back in the Nineties!

Just to make it easier for you, here's the links to the Introduction, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three, as they original appeared through the pre-World Wide Web, FaxMo network, in the coffee house giveaway zine, and the original Red Dog website. Have fun!

It's all got me seriously thinking about putting the complete, annotated Brainpan Fallout out as an ebook. Who knows? The world may finally be ready for it.

If not, what the hell, it probably needs the shock therapy.

Thanks to Paul Riddell, Kevin Mcveigh, Richard Palmer, Alex Jay Berman, and again, Søren Heinecke for their interest.

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