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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It seems that things are always happening with The Frankenstein Penis – my most infamous short story, for those of you aren't aware of the worldwide phenomenon. M. Christian, editor of the upcoming anthology, The Love that Never Dies: Undead Erotica, asked me for a digital file, and I sent it to him, so we are closer to seeing my bold assault on Puritan sensibilities (or was it a gross exercise in crass commercialism?) back in print.

Think the world can stand it?

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Nick Lyon has posted Phal-O-Krat, his student film of The Frankenstein Penis on Vimeo for all the world to see:

You may want to compare it to the more recent Brazilian student film:

There just seems to be something about that story that inspires film students.

And I have wondered . . . are these two the only student films made of my notorious story? Could there be others out there? I do wonder – hell, I wanna know!

I'm not out to sue anybody. Beside satisfying my morbid curiosity, I'd like to have the facts down for the record, and to see what my work has inspired. And it would give me material to use in publicizing The Love that Never Dies. So don't be shy. If you know about a film (or video) of The Frankenstein Penis, let me know.

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I can see it now . . . “Step right up folks! See The Frankenstein Penis Film Festival!”

Think the world can stand it?

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