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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's been a summer of writing, drawing, and ebookization for me. I often end up with a buzzing brain that needs distraction. And now that San Fermín is over, aside from the latest bullfight videos, I like to watch cartoons.

I prefer old cartoons, from the movies that I saw in my Atomic Age childhood in the early days of television. I especially like them when they get weird.

Like this Wild West romp with Bosko, the little black guy who brought musical merriment where ever he went, only this one has a postmodern ending:

And here, Flip the Frog, another early Warner Brothers character, seems to have wandered into Día de los Muertos territory:

And for our grand finale, Popeye, before the Fleisher brothers nailed down his formlua. There is no spinach, Popeye drinks liquor and beats up a lot of Mexicans:

Kind of disturbing, but then all real entertainment is.

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