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Monday, August 20, 2018


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Barrios of the planet, start partying! Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Literature, Film, and Popular Culture has won the American Book Award, that is given by the Before Columbus Foundation, a nonprofit founded in 1976 by Ishmael Reed, “dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary American multicultural literature.”

With a fascinating array of materials that will bring you up to speed on futuristic/fantastic culture in the Latinoid continuum, Altermundos features my own, “Chicanonautica Manifesto,” where I discuss how “Chicano is a science fiction state of being,” and other important revelations.

There's also an essay: “From Code to Codex: Tricksterizing the Digital Divide in Ernest Hogan's Smoking Mirror Blues” by Dacine S. Bachran.

And my work is discussed in “Chicana/o Cyberpunk after el Movimiento” by Lysa Rivera.

But, wait! There's more!

Some of my artwork is reproduced, in black and white, but here they are in living color:

My omnipresent logo/alter ego, “Calacanaut.”

"Invading Kafakazona,” inspired by living as a Chicano in Arizona.

And “Western Vision,” a sci-fiization of Aztlán.

In all, I'm proud to be part of an award-winning team.

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