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Monday, December 5, 2016


The Terrible Twelves cover art by INOGART

You can now read -- with the help of modern technology -- a new novel by me, and my wife the fabulous Emily Devenport.

It’s called TheTerrible Twelves, a YA about Bea Garcia, a girl from a Chicano family, who starts getting attacked by a monster on her twelfth birthday, so she has to go live with her aunt and uncle in Arizona. Then she finds out just how unusual her family is . . .

(Note: The Terrible Twelves is a work of fiction. It is NOT based on a true story. Any resemblances to persons or families living or dead are purely coincidental!)

And it’s not a book or an ebook, or even an audiobook! You can read The Terrible Twelves through the modern miracle of Tapastic -- a website that now features mostly comics, but is expanding into other things. Once you get the app, a whole new universe of entertainment is open to you.

Yes, this is another experiment on the new frontiers of publishing, in the tradition of BrainpanFallout, because we’re such hearty pioneers.

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