Monday, January 19, 2015


Awk! We're over halfway through January, 2015 and I haven't let you Mondoites know what I've been up to. Better get to it, then.

I've been doing a lot for the new Digital Parchment/Strange Particle Press versions of my books, and my story collection, Pancho Villa's Flying Circus. You'd be amazed at what has to be done, not to mention dreaming up and commiting publicity.

That includes another blog, and my Tumblr, Ernest Hogan. I should probably add links to my blog page.

I've also been writing a “Chicanonautica Manifesto” for Aztl├ín: A Journal of Chicano Studies.

Yup, it's academia, or at least the parts of it concerned with things Latino/a and the decolonialization of science fiction. You can read all about it in Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction edited by Isiah Lavender III, specifically in Lysa M. Rivera's essay “Mestizaje and Heterotopia in Ernest Hogan's High Aztech.I'll write more about the book when I finish reading it.

Another academic connection is that I've been asked to do a master class on writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror with an emphasis on the Latino/a angles for University of California, Riverside's Writer's Week. It's pretty damn soon, so I better get my act together.

My career has not only risen from the dead, but threatens to go running amok across the landscape. And I haven't even mentioned all those unfinished projects, writing and art, that are left over from last year.

I better get to work, and watch out for all the political turmoil flying around as art gets weaponized and entertainment gets politicized, and the future breaks out all over in a dazzling array of manifestations.

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