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Monday, July 2, 2012


Flash! My wife has a new ebook out. Her novel Belarus. It's available through both Amazon,and Smashwords and has a sensational cover by Elinor Mavor.

For a limited time, get this ebook free from Smashwords!  Just apply coupon # RN55L when checking out.

This would have been a simple, short and sweet announcement, but as usual in this Disinformation Age, there are complications . . .

Belarus was originally published under the pseudonym of Lee Hogan. The publisher thought it would sell more to the readers of military space opera if it the author's name was androgynous – and maybe they were right. The problem is, now Amazon doesn't want to link their Lee Hogan Belarus page  – with all it's great reviews – with the Emily Devenport Belarus page, even though they linked the Maggy Thomas Broken Time page with the Emily Devenport Broken Time page.

Yeah, it's complicated and confusing, and if I've learned one thing over the years in the writer biz, it's that these corporate entities have a tendency to go HAL 9000 on you.

What you the reader can do is write reviews of Belarus and post them on the Emily Devenport page, so more folks will buy it -- and maybe Em and I will have more time to write books rather than explaining the bizarre complexities of the transmorgrifying publishing world.

So please help. Besides, it's one helluva good book!


  1. I know the cover has been done and everything, but what if you made it "Emily Devenport writing as Lee Hogan"? Then Amazon would see it's the same person.

  2. Amazon told Em to have her publisher reprint the book as by Emily Devenport -- fat chance of that. It really is like talking to HAL.

  3. They said the name on the cover had to be EXACTLY the same (no option for "writing as"). When I attempted to explain to them that "getting" my print publisher to reprint the paperback under my Emily Devenport pen name would be handing the rights back over to said publisher, they ignored me. I didn't even get the stress pill option.