Friday, June 15, 2012


Just when you thought is was safe to read again, it's baaaaaaaack!

I'm talking about my most infamous story, The Frankenstein Penis, once again available for sale in the anthology Love That Never Dies: Erotic Encounters With the Undead editied by M. Christian. It's an ebook, and a paperback is in the works!

This is probably a good time for me explain why I wrote such a bizarre story. Fortunately, I've done it before here at Mondo Ernesto. The saga of the story can be found in And the Great Penis Rip-Off Goes On, and I discuss the two student films – and have links to them so you can watch them online – in The Frankenstein Penis: The Movie(s), and More.

And even if you own Semiotext(e) SF, the May/June 1990 issue of Penthouse Hot Talk, the Brazilian Futuro Probido, or the unauthorized Greek cyberpunk anthology, you should buy Love That Never Dies. I've made some slight changes for this new edition for you obsessive types of look for. So reading it on Scribd is no longer enough.

There are also stories by editor M. Christian, publisher Jean Marie Stine, and Chris De Vito. 

Chris published a thoroughly deranged magazine back in the Nineties called Fuck Science Fiction (yeah, it was as crazy as it sounds). He also published – in a one-shot called Proud Flesh a sequel to The Frankenstein Penis, called The Dracula Vagina.

No, The Dracula Vagina is not currently available. I guess all you fans of this degeneracy have something to look forward to . . .


  1. I'm so very, very, very, very, very, very thrilled to be able to 'have' you and your penis in the book!!!!

  2. Funny how with this story, you can't seem to avoid the double entendres.