“The book American Gods wishes it was.” --Despina Durand

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was pondering all my diabolical plans for 2012, when I remembered Brainpan Fallout, this bizarre thing I did back in the Nineties. It would probably make a good ebook, too. So I Googled it, and – lo and behold! – it was still on the La Silencia website, an Introduction, and Parts One, Two, and Three.

It's the original version that appeared in The Red Dog Journal, both the web and coffee-house giveaway/dead tree versions. All the original typos, glitches, and things I've had second thoughts about are there. You can recreate the experience of Phoenix counterculture from them there days.

I think that after this year's Cortez on Jupiter / Obsidian Harvest / Smoking Mirror Blues / High Aztech ebook blitz, I'll serialize the final edit of Brainpan Fallout here at Mondo Ernesto – with illustrations – and then put it out as still another ebook.

Meanwhile, I guess I have work to do . . .


  1. Awk! The links no longer work. Guess I should think about making it an ebook . . .

  2. Ignore the above. I found the BRAINPAN FALLOUT links thanks to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. They should work now . . .