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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Fourth of July weekend is over. The Phoenix Summer heat is getting deadly. Between July 6th and 14th, after a hard day of work, I enjoy sitting down at the computer, and watching the online coverage of La Fiesta De San Fermin. I run with the bulls from the safety of my own home.

And the more I look, the more coverage I discover. Not just on Spanish newspaper sites like ABC, and Diario de Navarro, but the outrageous SanFermin.com, where the naked protesters are co-opted, there's an erotic photography contest, animated featurettes, cartooning with ketchup and mustard, and a mascot, Mister Testis, who would be banned from any sporting event in these Puritanical United States of America (Yes, I'll elaborate on all this in a future post).

If you want more conventional reporting, with photos and videos, try Fiestas de San Fermin.com. Where they stick closer to the traditional rather than 21st century paganism.

And if you need a site in English -- though this is a multisensuous, viceral experience, rather than a reading thing -- there's BullRunning.com. They provide great coverage and useful information about all aspects of La Fiesta, not just the running of the bulls, but the Gigantes, Cabezudos, Kilikis, Saint Fermin, himself, and of course, bullfighting.

This has me rethinking all my ideas about culture in the age of globalization. The past and future collide, the present looks bright and colorful, and makes me smile. Yes, the Sun also rises.

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