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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday Daniel Jimeno Romero was killed during this year's fourth encierro in Pamploma. It shouldn't be any surprise that runners are injured and killed during this dangerous activity. This ritual and festival is all about danger, tempting fate, seeing if you will be protected by the cape of Saint Fermin.

It doesn't always work. It is not a sure thing.

What is amazing is how few deaths happen during the running of the bulls. This was the first of the new century. The last one was nearly fifteen years ago. There have only been fifteen such deaths since 1924. During the twentieth century, far more people died attending rock concerts than running with the bulls, and I don't hear people call for an end to the worship of the gods of rock and roll.

Then why have so few people died risking the horns on that narrow, twisted street?

As American bullfighter, Harry Whitney, said, "You offer your life to the bull. Without that, there is no bullfight."

It's the same with the running of the bulls.

The testicles that give life and the horns that tear it away are forever connected.

So let's have a moment of silence in honor of the sacrifice of Daniel Jimeno Romero. Then go on with La Fiesta. And life.


  1. Great post fellow Oregonian! I quoted your great line about testicles and horns on my last bullrunning.com post. Check out the blog called First-Timer.

  2. Actually, I live in Arizona. Glad you liked the quote, bullrunning.com was great help in my blogging, and I'm checking in regularly. I'll make a note about First-Timer. Keep it up!