Saturday, June 20, 2009


Back in 2003 I had a story in Claude Lalumiere's & Marty Halpern's anthology Witpunk. "Coyote Goes Hollywood" mixed Native American trickster myths with Hollywood cartoon iconography into a fantastic, futuristic, and according to one critic "Felliniesque" vision. If you enjoy this blog, you'll like that story.

A few year later, thanks to Google, I ran into what looked like my name and the world "Koyot" on web page in Russian. Further investigation revealed that there was Russian version of Witpunk available. I wasn't aware of this, so after some e-mailing, I discovered that after the book's imprint was sold to another company, and it didn't earn out its advance, the new owners sold the Russian rights to recoop their losses, and didn't feel it necessary to let us lowly contributers know. This is how things are done in the world of Big Time Publishing. At least I could feel ever more justified in calling myself an International Cult Author.

To make things even stranger, the Russian publisher chose "Coyote" be release as a podcast. I wasn't sure what to think about that. This story is a surrealistic construction of assorted American esoterica. Some day I'd like to talk to a Russian to find out what they think about it.

Just when I though this was all over, I find out that "Coyote Goes Hollywood" is available, in Russian, in still another format: a "ringtone" or "song," that is an MP3 file that can be downloaded onto a cell phone.

So, right now, some one in Russia could be listening to my story on their cell phone.

If only someone in Russia would just send me a few rubles for my work . . .

But then, they may have something in putting stories on cell phones. All these handheld devices . . . something else I gotta think about . . .

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