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Saturday, June 6, 2009


This just in from ForteanTimes.com, my favorite news source:

The Raelian Movement, best known for the Great Cloning Hoax of the Turn of the Millennium, are back. This time they're out to build a "UFOland" in, of all places, Las Vegas. It will include a museum, a theatre, "Happiness Academy," and a life-size replica of a UFO.

Too bad Hunter S. Thompson isn't around to investigate this!

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  1. In related points, one of the big surprises of the recent ABA convention was a lack of presence of the Church of Scientology. Apparently, the Church either couldn't spare the money or spare the time to haul out its regular "Life of L. Ron Hubbard" exhibit to the ABA, which left everyone wondering exactly how badly the Church is cratering. (That's why I don't mind the Raelians building their UFOLand: odds are that most of the crew will spot something shiny on the way to the construction site, and it'll end up being a half-assed collection of junk like Portland's deceased 24-Hour UFO Museum.)