Monday, March 16, 2020


Almost thirty years after Tor didn't send out review copies for some mysterious reason, High Aztech is still getting rave reviews.

So, ticmotraspasarhuililis, cabrones!

This latest one is in The Nameless Zine written by Hal C F Astell. It's a good one, which for my purposes means there's material I can quote in my never-ending battle to promote the book.

Just check these gems out:

". . . I've never read anything quite like 'High Aztech' before!"

". . .This is paranoid gonzo cyberpunk, an amalgam of Hunter S. Thompson and Philip K. Dick, but phrased from a completely different ethnic background, which has led to Hogan being described as 'the father of Chicano science fiction'."

". . . gets weird, and Hogan is blissfully happy to make it as weird as he can."

"I adored this. It's not the most polished book I've ever read and it breaks most of the rules of fiction, but it's wild and weird and wonderful and I'm happy with that. It's also fiercely original, doing things that I've never seen done before between the pages of a book."

Besides, it's probably a good time to read a wacko book about viruses deconstructing civilization . . .

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