“The book American Gods wishes it was.” --Despina Durand

Thursday, October 3, 2019


Compared to the August heat island of Phoenix, it was cool the next morning in Snowflake. No snowflakes, though. But by ten A.M. it started to heat up. After all, we were still in Arizona.

When we took Highway 60 toward the New Mexico border, Emily mistook a large piece of farm equipment for a dinosaur.

Finally in New Mexico, we had pie at the Pie Town Cafe. I ordered the New Mexico apple pie. "Do you know what's in it?" The Marine behind the counter asked. I assured him that I had it before, and liked it.

The green chile makes the apple pie more delicious.

Soon the sky was crowded with puffy clouds. We saw several downpours in the distance. We sure weren't in Arizona anymore.

We visited the Very Large Array. Emily's mother wanted to see it again. It's becoming a pilgrimage.

I didn't get pictures because a cell phone can drown out the radio signals from light years away.

As we left, there was thunder, lightning, and rain. The downpours had caught up with us. All the spattered bugs on the windshield were washed away.

After the storm cleared up,we saw a rainbow on the way to Española. It abruptly changed the direction of its arc. Did rainbows flip often? You never know what strange phenomena you'll encounter on these roads.

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