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Thursday, February 7, 2019


High Aztech is now available as part of The SFF Latinx Bundle!

Some of you may have some questions:

What's SFF? It stands for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Way back when I was a teenage fan we used the abbreviation sf, and kept it lowercase, so people didn't think you were talking about San Francisco.

What's Latinx? Latino, only trying to reach beyond Español o/a gender thing.

What's a bundle? As in Story Bundle. For of $15 you can get eleven ebooks. Not just High Aztech, but ten other Latinx SFF books! A great way to catch up on some of the Latinoid sf/fantasy out there.

For a limited time only! Get it now!

I'll be writing more about this in Chicnaonautica at La Bloga, soon!

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