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Thursday, October 19, 2017



I know, I should have found this months ago, but I also shouldn't have to remind you that this has been one of the most batshit crazy years ever.

Besides, it's like what an anthropologist says in the story I'm working on:

You find an interesting phenomenon, then when someone goes to back to verify it—it's vanished without a trace.”

I was starting to feel that way about The Red Dog Journal. Everything about it had disappeared from the Web. How was I supposed to tell people out Brainpan Fallout, when it looks like the weird magazine it originally appeared in never existed. Was I perpetrating some kind of hoax? And what kind sicko would bother to do such a thing?

Fortunately, Stephen Michael Barnes, the publisher of The Red Dog Journal, posted on his blog about it, giving his side of the bizarre story, and images, not only of the FAXmo flyer , but pages from the fax version the magazine itself—and they aren't all my work!

I feel vindicated.

So, kids, be sure to document your shenanigans. Unless, of course, they're the sort of thing that could get you arrested. In that case, change the names, and other things, to protect the “innocent.”

And if you're not up to any shenanigans, isn't it about time you got started?

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