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Monday, March 25, 2013


Yes, the resurrection of my novel High Aztech is coming. As with most things in these days of advanced information technology, it's taking longer than expected. It's complicated. Nothing is simple any more.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a resurrection or an insurrection. Or maybe it will take an insurrection to pull off this resurrection . . .

Anyway, the proofreading has been its own special kind of hell. And I happen to be the only Españahuatl expert who's available. I'm going to look it over one more time, just to make sure all the accent marks, ñs, and upsidedown exclamation points are in the right place.

Then there's the matter of all weird things that the OCR program did to the name Xólotl . . .

I also bought the rights to an amazing painting by Dell Harris that will snag eyeballs and blow some minds. I'm keeping the cover design simple so it can do its visual voodoo at full power.

Meanwhile, I'm working on another deal – yeah, a print version may be available soon!

But I guess I shouldn't reveal all of this all at once. I'm going to need material for all the self-promotion you'll be seeing here. It'll be one hell of a sideshow.

So I better stop this fooling around and get to work, even though the hills are turning yellow and purple, and Spring fever dreams are in the air.

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