Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Whenever someone asks me what I'm doing, I immediately think, Uh-oh, better check my blog . . . I'm usually focused on what I'm doing at the moment, and can't remember all of the projects that I'm juggling. If I scroll down the blog, I'm reminded. What did we do before such things?

Looking back through Mondo Ernesto of 2012, I'm rather amazed. Damn. I actually got a few things done!

My biggest accomplishments have been putting out my novels Cortez on Jupiter, and Smoking Mirror Blues as self-published ebooks. It was an adventure with a steep learning curve. I feel somewhat prepared for whateverthehell I'm going to have to deal with as a writer in the near future.

And yes, High Aztech is in the diabolical works . . .

Also in the ebook arena, my infamous story “The Frankenstein Penis” is available in M. Christian's weird erotica collection The Love That Never Dies.

Who knows? Maybe its even more outrageous sequel, “The Dracula Vagina” will be remanifesting soon.

I also made contact with Latinopia, The Future Fire, and Federico Schaffler. We're all conspiring to do some serious cultural decolonialization, to chew a few holes into the Tortilla Curtain, and to otherwise make life on this planet more interesting.

Barriers are breaking down. A translation of my story “Guerrilla Mural of a Siren's Song” just appeared in the Polish science fiction magazine Nowa Fantastyka. The global barrio is becoming a reality.

And of course there's all that unfinished business. I'm not ashamed of not having done it all. I'm proud of it. If you don't have unfinished business, you aren't working hard enough. Where's your ambition?

So in 2013 I plan to publish High Aztech as an ebook and also do a collection of my short fiction. Then there's that futuristic bullfighting novel, and the fantasy about the pre-Columbian ball game. And I have these short story ideas. To further complicate things, Paco Cohen and Victor Thermin have been demanding my attention.

There's even more, but over the years of bashing myself bloody as a writer, I've become superstitious about these things until they've achieved a certain amount of solidity.

I'm gonna be busy. At the very least, I'll have me some fun!

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