“The book American Gods wishes it was.” --Despina Durand

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Since it was published twenty (gulp!) years ago , my first novel, Cortez on Jupiter, got good reviews, and established an underground cult following. And those good reviews are still coming in! The latest is from David Lee Summers, who won a copy in La Bloga's contest.

Guess I better get to work so I can learn all the stuff I need make it and High Aztech available as ebooks . . .

And get started with posting on "Chicanonautica" for La Bloga . . .

And news, reviews, and other weird stuff for Mondo Ernesto . . .

And, of course, more books, stories, and "art" . . .


  1. Ebooks would be good. Have you considered any alternative publishing avenues? Ben Bova did something interesting with Duel in the Somme (http://duelinthesomme.com/). You could do something similar with Cortez on Jupiter or High Aztech - publish a chapter a month online, as a way to advertise it.

  2. I've been considering alternative publishing avenues. I've got a feeling that pretty soon, they will be all that's left.

  3. Is the 2nd cover your new version of Cortez?
    Not to disparage the artist, but I love the first, original(?) one better: it's got ethnicity, it's got grafitti (on a spaceship, to boot), it's got nostalgia.
    The 2nd one looks like a Roswell saucer comiendo su propia mierda! :)

  4. The second cover was from the British version, that came out a year after the original. I personally like the first cover by Ron Walotsky best -- I keep finding more wonderful details in the mural on the spaceship. Funny, when the book didn't sell "big time" the folks a Tor blamed the cover. Ron intended the guy as a self-portrait. I didn't look like that when the book came out, but as I grew older, I came to look like his version of Pablo Cortez. I'm going to have to seriously think about how I'll do my own cover . . .