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Monday, August 16, 2010


Part Two Rudy Garcia's interview with me is online at La Bloga. In it I reveal the inside story about what the hell happened to my fabulous career, the influence of drugs on my work, how women react to my masculine heroes, and other things that I'll probably live to regret admitting, but -- why not? -- anything to amuse my fans!

Rudy also wants to know what people think of his interviewing style, so be sure to bombard him with comments.

La Bloga is also holding a contest, the winner of which will receive an autographed copy of my dangerous, mind-altering novel High Aztech. So enter early and often! And do not drive motored vehicles or operate heavy machinery under the influence of this book.

The last few week of this apocalyptic summer have had me distracted, but I will be back here at Mondo Ernesto with our regularly scheduled deprogramming, soon . . .

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