Thursday, September 2, 2021


Here I am again, back from a road trip, and the world is transformed. All the yards in the neighborhood have become jungles, kids walking to school wear masks, and I won’t bother to mention Afghanistan.

My body would like for me to crash into some serious R&R, but my career is running amok and demanding my attention. It kept calling during the trip.

I made a video with my phone in the Cowgirl room of the Silver Saddle Motel in Santa Fe for Somos en escrito’s Extra-Fiction contest. And Speculative Fiction for Dreamers—that will have a new story by me, so order yours now—will be coming out next month. And I worked on my insane Victor Theremin novel, on my phone, every day of the trip.

We helped Emily’s brother, Michael Thiele of Hardwood Music, at the Sun Valley Arts and Crafts Festival.

A lot of the time we were under the smoky haze from the forest fires.

Now Emily is looking for a job. And I’m getting back to business.

Still in searching-for-America mode.

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